Design Consultations

So, you’re thinking about having some jewellery custom made… what now? 

When you come in to the studio for a design consultation, you can be assured that there will be no pressure. I understand that a special piece of jewellery can be a large financial investment as well as an emotional one. If you’re remodelling some sentimental jewellery, you want to know it’s in safe hands, and if you’re looking for something new, you want to know you’re getting what was promised.

Meeting face-to-face, for me at least, is a key factor when it comes to trust. Think of your initial consultation as an opportunity to get a feel for me, my style and my business – almost like a job interview. 

So what can you expect at your design consultation?

Firstly, don’t worry if you don’t know what you want. That’s what I’m here for. 

If you are looking at remodelling old jewellery, be sure to bring it all with you so I can determine what is usable and what is not. It’s also helpful if you bring in any of your favourite pieces, or some images of jewellery you like. This helps me get a feel for your personal style.

I’ll ask you some questions about your lifestyle and how you “wear” your jewellery. I know that sounds strange, but what I mean by “wear” is how you treat your jewellery. Do you only wear it when you go out or do you never take it off? Do you regularly clean your jewellery? Do you wear rings on every finger or just one or two at a time? These questions are important to me as your designer. It would be crazy for me to design and recommend a dainty and fragile setting if you are going to wear your ring every day, all the time, alongside another ring. I design based on you and your lifestyle. 

Once I’ve determined how you wear your jewellery, I’ll talk to you about style. Do you like your jewellery to be symmetrical or more organic? Modern, antique or Art Deco? What colours suit you and what are your favourites?

Then, the fun begins… we start designing. I’ll give you options on styles, metals, gemstones and we will come up with a unique and personal design that ticks all your boxes, sometimes two or three, though I find that most of the time, one design will be a definite stand-out.

You are welcome to ask me any questions about jewellery, designs, the manufacturing process, or my experience. By the end of the consultation, I’m confident you will be excited and comfortable about working with me. If not, that’s OK. Not everyone is for everyone, as they say. The consultation is obligation-free, so the ball is in your court.

I’ll get back to you within 7 days with a design brief, sketch and quote. You’re then free to decide whether you would like to go ahead with the work or not, to ask any further questions, or to discuss changes to the design. I’m more than happy to talk to you and answer any questions at any time during the process.

If you decide to go ahead, I will require a small deposit, then your beautiful new jewellery is usually ready within 4-6 weeks.

I want you to be thrilled with your new jewellery and the best way I can do that is by getting to know you. Likewise, with something as personal and precious as jewellery, I feel it is important for you to know me as well. A face-to-face design consultation give sup both the very best opportunity to create a memorable experience and an absolutely personal and special piece of jewellery that you can treasure forever. 

So, if you are thinking of having something special made for yourself, or for a loved one, why not make an appointment for a design consultation at my East Kurrajong studio

Come and see me. Let’s talk.


Are you ready to book your design consultation?

Heart shape diamond ringI am available by appointment Monday to Saturday. 

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