Custom and Remodelling FAQs

Most custom makes take around 4-6 weeks to complete. It may take a little longer if there are rarer gemstones to source. If you are on a stricter time-frame, please discuss this with me. It may be possible depending on the design.

This question is a bit like asking “How long is a piece of string?”. The cost for custom work depends on a number of factors including materials and labour time, so it is impossible to give a firm figure here. As a rough guide, and excluding gemstones and diamonds, a custom-made ring may cost $1800 – $2800. But please remember, I offer obligation-free consultations and quotes, so if you are considering having something custom-made, I encourage you to contact me for more information.

A design consultation is where we get to know each other, discuss your expectations and ideas, and sketch out a unique design based on your style and personal requirements. Full details about design consultations can be found here.

Yes, and no… When remodelling and using old gold, more labour time is required for things like removing old gemstones, separating yellow and white metal (which can’t be blended), cleaning and melting the gold, and calculating formulas for alloys and/or additional metals required. When using new gold, the material cost increases but the labour cost decreases, so quite often, it will be most  economical (and will produce a better final result) if your old gold is traded as credit from the price of your jewellery, rather than being used in the actual piece.

Remember though, that when you remodel, you will be using your own gemstones and/or diamonds, which generally makes up a substantial portion of the cost of a  new ring, so you are in fact only paying for the ring, and not the gemstones.

Each remodel is different, so if you are considering remodelling some old jewellery, I urge you to contact me to make an appointment for an obligation-free design consultation.

No, once gold is alloyed white or yellow, there is no changing it, and they cannot be combined. There are some jewellers that will offer to rhodium plate your yellow gold items to make them white, however this is temporary and I do not recommend it and will not do it.

If you would like to change from white to yellow gold, or yellow to white gold, your piece has to be remade, but your old jewellery can be traded as credit against the supply of new gold.

Most metal can be re-used or traded. Gemstones and diamonds can be re-used in your remodel. Depending on the items you wish to use, some complete components can be used, such as original settings and decorative elements.

Absolutely! All gold can be re-used or traded. Your gemstones can be used, or I can source additional gems to add to your gold. The possibilities are endless.

Have a look at our gallery or my (set-price) remodelling options for inspiration, or contact me for an obligation-free design consulation.

If you have no sentimental attachment to your old gold, you can trade it for credit against my Refined Range.

                Not at all. That’s what I am here for! I’ll talk to you about what sort of style appeals to you in jewellery and other products. This could be things such as whether you prefer symmetrical or more organic styles, what your colour preferences are, whether you like glitzy things or more subdued styles. I’ll ask you about your current jewellery and which pieces you love and which you don’t. We’ll also talk about how you wear and treat your jewellery. Don’t worry, no judgement, but I need to know if you’ll be rough on your jewellery, where and when you intend to wear it and how you plan to store it (if you take it off at all!). I’ll also assess your skin tone and finger size. Even the simple matter of which hand you will wear a ring on can have an effect on the design. All of this information helps me to develop a design that is unique and completely “you”. As I make rough sketches, we’ll discuss what appeals to you and what doesn’t, making changes as we go. You maybe surprised how easily your design comes to life simply through conversation.

Yes. I will happily work with your gemstones or diamond, however there are terms and conditions that apply. If you have purchased a gemstone elsewhere, I cannot guarantee the identification of your gemstone. As gemstones and diamonds are a natural material, there is a chance there could be hidden fractures or faults within which may cause issues or even breakages during the setting process. The utmost care is taken with your gemstones, however no liability is accepted in the rare case that problems arise. (link to buying gemstones/diamonds and/or second hand jewellery online). Gemstones provided by TKJD are guaranteed as per my Terms and Conditions, however I cannot extend this guarantee to gemstones you provide.

For security reasons, I do not publicise my precise address, just the general location. Once you have booked in for a workshop or personal consultation, the full address will be provided.

Yes, of course. Whilst face-to-face is always best when it comes to your consultation, I can consult and communicate via email, phone or even a video call, and post to anywhere in Australia.

All of my custom made jewellery is guaranteed for quality of workmanship for five years, however damage caused by impacts or general wear and tear are not covered and may incur charges to repair. See Terms and Conditions for full details.

                I encourage you to bring your TKJD jewellery in to the studio for complimentary professional cleaning and check-over at least once a year.

Jewellery-making Workshops FAQs

Yes! When you come and do a workshop with me, there is no pressure to design anything. There are always templates and design suggestions for you to choose from. When it comes to the actual making of the jewellery, I will guide you through simple techniques, step-by-step and you will always go home with a fully-finished, wearable piece of jewellery. Small class sizes means that every student gets personal attention and guidance.

I understand that sometimes, things come up and plans need to be changed. You are welcome to reschedule your workshop at no additional charge if a minimum 21 days notice is given.

Cancellation fees apply and vary depending on advance notice given:

30 days or more – $50 flat fee

14-30 days – 20% of workshop fee

72 hours-14 days – 50% of workshop fee

Less than 72 hours – no refunds


Yes! Each workshop has a minimum number of participants required. You are welcome to add friends to your booking at a later date. If some of your party wish to cancel their bookings, cancellation fees may apply as per my T&Cs (see above), but the workshop will still proceed providing the minimum attendance number is met.

Most of my workshops are fully-inclusive. That means that all materials (metal, gemstones, beads etc) are provided and included in the course fee. The studio is fully-equipped with all the tools you will need.

Tea, coffee, and filtered water are all provided in the studio for you. You will need to bring your own lunch to workshops that are not catered. There is a fridge, microwave, cutlery and crockery available for your use (and a dishwasher, so you don’t even have to wash up!)

                There are no public transport options for getting to the studio. I am in a rural area and you will need to drive here. 

Unfortunately, no. The studio is on a rural property and there is a narrow pathway and uneven ground leading to the entrance.

No. I do not teach children.  You must be over 18 to attend a workshop

Sorry, no. In my workshops, everyone works on a similar project that focuses on a particular technique, so having someone working on something different is distracting.

In the future, I am planning on hosting “open studio” days, where you will be able to come in and use the tools and equipment to work on your own projects, for a daily or hourly fee. Sign up for my Studio News or keep an eye on my Socials for updates.

Online Shopping FAQs

I offer a 14 day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. Return postage is non-refundable, and items must be returned unworn and in perfect, resalable condition.

                All of my jewellery is guaranteed for quality and workmanship for a minimum of five years, excluding general wear and tear and/or damage incurred by the owner such as chipped gemstones, dents, scratches, hard knocks etc.

Some items can be customised, and if so, this will be noted in the item description. If a specific item of interest cannot be customised, I may be able to custom-make something similar for you. Just drop me a line and ask.

Yes. Delivery can be made to any address accepted by Australia Post.

Most definitely! I’m working on adding options in my online store to choose complimentary gift wrapping and to add a personalised card and message.

Until then though, just drop me a line via email, Facebook, or SMS when you’ve placed you order, and let me know your item is a gift. I’ll wrap it for you and add a card, and make sure that no invoice will be included in the package.

Got more questions?

If your question wasn’t covered here, please contact me and let me know.