Jewellery Remodelling

Do you have jewellery that no longer feels like “you”?

If you have jewellery that is worn out, broken, or simply outdated, jewellery remodelling is the perfect solution to give your old pieces a fresh, new life.

Remodelled diamond ring

Can your jewellery be remodelled?

I specialise in transforming your old jewellery into something remarkable and invite you to join me in my studio for a complimentary, no-obligation design consultation.
Bring along your old jewellery and explore the exciting design options that align with your current style and budget.
You might be pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable the remodelling process can be. Every piece of jewellery has a story, bought or gifted with care and emotion. Instead of letting these pieces languish in a box or drawer, let's rejuvenate them so you can fall in love with them all over again.

Broken jewellery, mismatched earrings, or even that once-trendy toe ring can all be combined and transformed into a stunning new piece. For inherited items that may not match your style but hold sentimental value, remodelling offers an ideal way to cherish those memories.

Before and after photos of remodelled jewellery

Remodelling Old Jewellery

There are numerous ways to remodel old jewellery, depending on what you have.

  • Consolidate a collection: Combine multiple broken or unwanted items into one standout piece.
  • Transform a ring into a pendant: Give a beloved ring new life as a beautiful pendant.
  • Create multiple pieces: Use gemstones from one item to craft several new pieces, perfect for sharing with family. For instance, turn a cluster ring into multiple pairs of earrings for daughters, sisters, or nieces.
  • Modernise an inherited engagement ring: Use a diamond from an inherited ring to create a contemporary engagement ring.
  • Preserve sentimental engraved messages: Remodel an inherited wedding ring while keeping any meaningful engravings intact.

The design possibilities for jewellery remodelling are endless, and my design consultations are always obligation-free.

During our consultation, I’ll listen to the history of your jewellery, understand what’s important to you, and determine the best way to achieve your desired outcome. I’ll advise on which components are reusable and how to preserve any personalised elements, such as engraving. 

Together, we’ll create a custom design to ensure your jewellery, along with the memories it holds, will continue to be cherished for generations.

Before and after image of remodelled jewellery

Considering remodelling your old jewellery?

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