Jewellery Remodelling

If you have jewellery that just isn’t “you” anymore, that’s worn out, broken or just too old-fashioned, then jewellery remodelling is a great option.

I love bringing new life to your old jewellery and I’d love to work with you to create something remarkable. Let’s sit down and chat. I offer obligation-free design consultations in my studio so you can bring in your old jewellery and discover the wonderful design options available to suit your current style and budget. 

You may be surprised at how enjoyable the process is.

At some point in time, your old jewellery was bought or given with thought and feeling, so why have it now stashed away in a box or a drawer, when you could love it all over again?

Broken jewellery, odd earrings, that toe-ring that was once pretty cool – these things can all be combined to create a new, wearable piece of jewellery.

For inherited jewellery that is too worn to wear or doesn’t really appeal to your sense of style, but that carries sentimental value, a remodel is ideal. 

Before and after photos of remodelled jewellery

There are a number of ways jewellery can be remodelled, much if which will depend on the jewellery and gold you have to use. 

Such options include:

  • Consolidating a collection of broken and/or unwanted items into one statement piece.
  • Converting a ring into a pendant.
  • Using gemstones from one item to make multiple pieces to share with family (for example, taking gemstones from a cluster ring and making multiple pairs of earrings for daughters, sisters, nieces etc)
  • Using a diamond from an inherited ring and making a new and modern engagement ring.
  • Remodelling an inherited wedding ring whilst preserving personalised engraving.

Many of the gorgeous pieces featured in my jewellery gallery are in fact remodels.

There are endless design possibilities for jewellery remodelling and a design consultation is obligation-free.

I will listen to your jewellery story and history, define what is important to you and what you want as an end result. I’ll advise on what is re-usable and how to preserve any personalised components if possible. It’s also important that I determine how you will wear your jewellery – will you wear it every day, only on special occasions, alongside other jewellery etc. 

Together, we will come up with a personally tailored design to ensure your jewellery, and any memories associated with it, will live on and be truly loved again for generations to come.

Before and after image of remodelled jewellery
Considering remodelling your old jewellery?

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